tough on pain

gentler to your stomach(1)






It combines all the power of Aspirin with 3 buffering agents so it is
gentler to your stomach, yet still as effective as other aspirin.

(1) versus regular non-buffered aspirin
(2) Graphic representation of Bufferin components. Not a layered tablet


This means it relieves pain. Bufferin can help relieve many types of pain from head ache to back ache to muscular pains, at the same time and with only one dose! Reduce pain with Bufferin and do not let it interfere with your day!

Fever Reducer

Sometimes pain comes with fever and when this happens, you want something that works quickly and well to lower your family’s temperature. Bufferin helps you reduce fever rapidly for you to continue with your daily activities!


It means it helps to reduce inflammation. Your muscles and other parts of your body can sometimes get swollen or suffer from inflammation. With one dose, Bufferin you can help reduce this inflammation which in many times is what causes pain.

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